Temporary Bunny Relocation

Last Saturday, I had to set up a temporary area for the bunnies in our basement. I spent a while cleaning up the area first, then got some blankets down for a makeshift pen.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. Bob was doing some work in their area, and it was just easier to move them downstairs, for the day. Given the temps, they were likely cooler in the basement than they would have been upstairs.

Liz told me a good trick: rather than trying to catch each rabbit individually, wait for them to get into the litter box at the same time. Then, scoop up the box with both of them inside… and they’ll stay put.

With the litter box raised up in the air, they won’t jump out. So popping them from upstairs to downstairs was a breeze – particularly with our new basement stairs!

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