Coding Day

Technically, I’ve had two now – yesterday and today. Which really has been something I’ve not had in what feels like months.

I’ve not really had a personal project in a good while. I’ve noodled around, but nothing has realy come of it. I guess the last two days I’ve also noodled around a bit, but something might be starting to take shape.

It feels nice to build something for myself again, even if it’s just something light. I’m not quite obsessed with the idea yet. And in fact, I was close to abandoning the work yesterday… but made some more progress today that got me excited again.

There are going to be very busy weeks for us, soon. So to be able to spend this much time on something inconsequential feels very indulgent, to say the least. It’s a nice feeling.

[photo via Fabian Grohs]

Dreaming About Code

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