The Decemberists: Sons and Daughters

I was scrolling around over old artists I had in my Spotify library, and returned to The Decemberists – a group I hadn’t listened to in a long while. I mostly know their album “The King is Dead,” and have my favorites there. But I started to look around at some older stuff, and began listening to “The Crane Wife.”

The song “Sons and Daughters” jumped out, and has pretty much been my looping track while going to/from work lately. It’s incredibly repetetive in its structure (even for someone who fixates on songs, and plays them on repeat), but I find that I really enjoy it – it’s hypnotic in a way.

The lyrics are just slightly off-tempo, carrying you over to the next verse… and that momentum is what keeps the song from being a grinding loop (at least to me).

I wish there were a better video of this song, one of the group performing it live. I found several concert videos, but the sound was just awful in all of them. Hopefully though, this gives you the chance to hear what it sounds like on the album.

Colin Meloy: June Hymn

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  1. In looking for videos of this song, I came across the fact that the lead singer (Colin Meloy) plays an instrument called a bouzouki. Which is totally fascinating.

    I’d love to get my hands on one, just to try it out.

    avoision Reply

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