Clearing Out the Kitchen (Again)

We’re looking to start doing work on the first floor soon – and what that means for us is that we have to relocate our “temporary” kitchen back into the actual kitchen once more.

We got a lot of the big things moved out already, but there was still more cleanup to be done. So I tackled that today, throwing some things out and relocating everything else to the basement.

The game of moving things from one place to the other continues.

The space for our small half-bathroom (and entrance to the basement) has gotten cluttered and dirty over the past few months. I used today as an opportunity to also clean this area up, so that we’re no longer stepping over cords and tools and debris.

We still have a few things in the kitchen, but it’s about 95% clear. Next up on the docket: pulling off this insulation, closing up the gaps in the walls, and popping the insulation back on. After that, we’re moving in again!

Clearing Out the Kitchen

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