The Cabinet Sled

On Sunday, Bob and Julie came back over and spent the afternoon with us. Bob helped us get the cabinets set up, and the new sink moved and plumbed in to the new countertop.

While Bob did all the main work, I felt a bit more useful as I would gopher up and down, grabbing supplies and making various cuts of wood/pvc as needed.

Given that we’ll want to be drywalling the walls in the kitchen soon, Bob created a “sled” for the cabinets – so that we could easily slide them around out of the way, when the time came.

The old kitchen sink, in its new home! It’s really weird for us to adjust having to come in the actual kitchen, after spending so long in our makeshift kitchen/dining room. But it’s a welcome change, and I’m amazed every time I walk in here.

We’ve got a lot still to do, in terms of transferring things over here officially… but it’s the first step to clearing out the dining room, before we can begin our demo.

Big Supply Run

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