Unexpected Demo

Came home to find that Bob started building our new wall, between the master bedroom and our guest room/office! With all the work we’ve done to clear out this space, it’s been exciting to see all the new things that are arriving – plywood on the floor, studs for new walls.

I learned that my to-do list on the evening was out, and I had a new task: demo a small patch of the ceiling, in order for Bob to continue his wall work the next day. So I suited up, and got to pulling down the plaster (but leaving the lathe).

Bob made it super easy for me, in that he saw cut a line for me to demo to. Honestly, the actual demo work itself wasn’t too bad – the cleanup took twice as long, and was more of a hassle.

But a quick bit of demo cleared the way. I was tired when I get home, but hearing about this new task gave me a jolt of energy in a “Oh, we need to do this – here we go!” kind of way. Almost as good as coffee.

Quick House Night
Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 1

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