Dining Room Demo

Wow, was today a long day. We had an early-ish breakfast around 9 AM, and got to work around 10:30 AM. After that though, we just kept on plowing through.

With work now happening on the first floor, we needed to plastic off the living room.

A dusty, dirty room at the start – the ghosts of things.

Pre-demo selfie.

Liz, tackling the plaster along the north wall.

I started on the south wall. The drywall here was newer, and a bit tougher to get going. Things got easier once I had some room to work, but it didn’t fall quite as easily as the old plaster did.

Starting to make a mess…

Still life with demo hammer.

The first of many bags. The plus side with all of this work, for me, was the fact that I didn’t have to haul these bags down a flight of stairs!

Granted, I still had to wheel them out to the street – but it was way easier than having to move plaster down from the second floor. SO much easier.

Also, I took the time to set up the Bagster – so rather than having all the bags accrue on the porch and then filling the Bagster as a separate task, I just took them straight out.

Me, removing the window trim. I hate to say it, but I ended up damaging some of the pieces in trying to remove this guy. Which really saddened Liz, as the trim around this window was something she wanted to save/keep as much as possible.

Wall down!

Plaster removed from the top of the fireplace.

North wall cleared.

Bagster bag, pretty darn full. I’ve lost track of how many of these guys we’ve used so far – I’m pretty sure we’re already in the double digits.

Post-demo selfie.

All told, I think we worked until maybe 7:30 or so. We stopped for a quick lunch break (we had some Jimmy John’s delivered), but beyond that we were right at work. A very productive but exhausting day.

This is not exactly what you’d call a relaxing weekend. But we did get a great deal of work done. The days and weeks are going to be busy like this for a little while, as we race the oncoming cold.

Demo Prep in the Dining Room

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