Tacos and Stairs

Today, Bob was working on brazing the refrigerant lines to the furnace room upstairs, while I worked on clearing off our stairs for some eventual demo. We had a lot of old carpeting still on the stairs, so I ripped all that out, and removed all the various staples I could find.

From there, I pulled out a lot of trim and the long handrail on the South wall. Didn’t quite get to a point where I did demo, but everything was cleared off so that we can begin that work next.

When we broke for lunch, I suggested going out to someplace new (we usually just get Jimmy John’s delivered, and that gets old over a while). When I mentioned going back to the nearby Hyde Park Taco Station, Bob’s eyes lit up.

As we were eating, I noticed something fun on the receipt – anticipating people taking photos of their food, the restaurant asked to be mentioned on social media. I thought that was worth a photo.

Top of the Stairs

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