Making the New Old Grill New Again

Liz and I did a lot of outside work today. I started off my mowing the lawn (last weekend was busy, and the yard was getting a bit overgrown) while Liz sprayed herbicide on all the flowering knotweed.

After that, we shifted our focus on fixing up the grill. We received this as a gift from Jake about four years ago, and we’ve been putting it to good use ever since!

Liz had ordered a lot of replacement parts, but I kept procrastinating the installation. Lately, we’ve been focusing a lot on the house but we decided today that we really needed to get this done.

With our kitchen being primarily “in progress,” the grill is a major appliace we lean on for cooking (even in winter). So getting these fixes in before it gets too cold out made sense.

It’s been a rough four years.

The original rods themselves weren’t too bad off.


Replaced! We didn’t get the right electric starter, so we’re still doing it the old fashioned way (by hand, with a handheld flame).

Mid-afternoon, I peeled off to do a little work work while Liz continued on with the house work. I’m not sure this photo does the moment justice – Liz was markedly dirtier and the walls were markedly cleaner.

During her cleaning Liz found small, tightly rolled strips of old newspaper that had been stuffed into the space between the floor and the walls. She theorized that this was done to decrease the drafts coming in from outside. Here’s hoping we can do a bit better than that!

Our New Old Grill
Transporting Jake’s Grill

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