Solo Stairs Demo

We had a lovely morning, with Julie taking the train in from Valpo to meet us for a brunch at Promontory. After visiting a bit, Julie and Liz headed out to go fabric shopping, and I did a bit of demo work on the house.

I got a late start, beginning around 1:30 or so. But was actually able to put in a few decent hours.

In the main hall, I got a bit of the remaining plaster above our pocket doors (which leads into the dining room).

And also cleared out the bit of wall leading up the stairs. Sadly, I had to take down all of the wallpapers that were posted, previously.

Wrapping around the stairs, I got the north wall.

And also a bit of the south wall. One big challenge for us will be to get all the plaster and lathe from this south wall, as it extends pretty high up.

We’ve got Bob’s baker scaffold, which should help us reach a lot of it. But doing all this demo is going to get interesting, in that it’ll be a multi-step process involving the scaffold.

For all the previous demo, we just hit the wall and scooped things up. Using a scaffold (and then getting the debris cleaned off the stairs) is going to take a few steps.

Bricks and Ceilings
A Wall of Wallpaper

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