An Uncomfortable Feeling of Urgency

It’s been hard to pinpoint, but I’ve had a constant feeling of urgency for a few weeks now. Partly I think it’s the weather, and some of that translates into getting work done on the house before the cold arrives.

I think another part of it was the recent 20×2 Chicago event (which is always a blast). I struggled a lot with the prompt, and threw away two different concepts/approaches before arriving at what felt was a so-so answer.

A lot of these feelings, I’ve discovered, are in my head. The sense of urgency. The feeling that I am sprinting towards some future thing. Maybe it’s more accurate to say: the feeling that I need to sprint towards some future thing. When I think that’s not the case.

I think I just need to pause, and take a deep breath. And worry less about what’s up ahead, and ease up on the now. To fret less about now, and to try to enjoy it a bit more.

[photo via Jonathan Chng]

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