The Battle of Polytopia

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying playing Battle of Polytopia. It’s got elements of Risk and Civilizaion in it, with a small tech tree that you gradually expand over time.

There’s a shorter, 30 round version of the game – or you can also play with unlimited rounds. The overall look of the game is really great, as is the sound. Here’s a sample of the gameplay (though it appears slightly sped up):

The game is free to play, but you’re limited to the number of “tribes” that you can use (locked tribes can be purchased and unlocked). Most of the tribes are the same, with each starting with a different “tech” at the beginning of the game. But the different skins/buildings/styles seems to be the draw for purchase.

For me, the game hits a really nice spot between super long gameplay and start/stop. Each turn gets a little longer than the last, and I usually spend about 10+ minutes playing. Pretty perfect for a train ride.

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