Hanging Out at Highline

A long while ago, Ben made a suggestion via email about a group of us hangning out. To get around the complexities of scheduling around jobs and families and all the other stuff that comes up, his idea was a recurring date. Once a month, whoever was able to get together would get together.

There was an attempt last week to gather, but things got a bit busy for me. Folks were going to try to meet up at the Pinball Expo (but sadly, I ended up needing to cancel on that).

This week, we decided to meet up at Shamrock – an old haunt. On my way over, I learned that Shamrock was pretty busy and so folks decided to regroup nearby at a place called Highline.

Funny thing about this place – it was very nice, and on the fancier side. Definitely nothing like Shamrock at all. I joked to Chris that had we come here 15 years ago, my reaction likely would have been “I can’t afford this place.”

While there were a few arcade and pinball machines in the back area, none of us got drawn into playing. Instead, we just chatted about the recent Expo, and caught up a lot.

Randomly funny thing: I should have gotten a photo of this, but I spotted a “Dialed In” machine nearby. I’m definitely not up to date with the pinball industry, and though it was two years ago… I was tickled to see a “new” game out and about in the wild.

A quick photo after a quick bit of hanging out and catching up. I think the one thing all of us realized was that we wanted to hang out longer, and waiting another 4 weeks felt too long. Here’s to the start of a recurring get-together, and our solution to the ever-changing busy schedules that we all try to maintain.

On my ride home, I snapped this photo of the Mart. It’s been a while since I’ve been out drinking downtown, and the sensation of whisking through the city back home invoked a bit of nostalgia. The feeling was one of ending a busy day, watching buildings and pedestrians glide by – and reminded me a lot of evenings in the past, many years ago.

Chicago Pinball Expo, 2016
While Visiting Two Video Game Arcades with Chris, a Bet Arises

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