Bedroom Prep, Closet Demo Part 2

Liz and I got a slow start on Sunday, but began by tackling the master bedroom again. Today, we were putting up a vapor barrier, since Liz had gotten all the insulation up the day prior.

We worked with a single, large sheet – which coverd most of the wall in one shot. But when it got to the corners, we had to do a little trimming and cutting, to wrap things around the edges.

When I saw this, I got really excited. It’s amazing to see the room in this state, as the walls have never been this insulated or this protected ever. I know we’ve still got more work to do, but this was really encouraging.

Sadly, when our work shifted back to the demo downstairs – my energy just fell like a rock. I was really not very pleasant to work around, and Liz had to endure my feet dragging and low motivation for the remainder of the day.

While she did more closet demo and removed a lot of remaining lathe from the stairs… I was outside, filling up a Bagster with more debris. I was originally worried we wouldn’t have enough material to fill the thing, but ended up doing a pretty decent job (and also filled up our normal trash bins as well).

The lathe, cleared from the wall between the dining room and main hall.

Much of the closet, fully demoed. Still need to take out the studs.

Selfie at the end of the day. We worked through lunch, and got done around 5:30 PM. Long day, long weekend.

Bedroom Prep, Closet Demo Part 1

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