Cutting the Cord

On my way in to work this morning, I saw this at my Metra stop. I immediately muttered to myself “That’s not right.”

I’m not sure if someone just got rowdy with the phone (which stopped being a pay phone a while ago and took on a new life as a “Passenger Information Assistance Phone”). Or if this was just part of the update/removal process.

Spotted this on my way home, and I had a really good laugh. It was like a joke that started earlier this morning, and I got the punchline about 10 hours later. There were a lot of other passengers walking by heading home, so I hung around in the lobby area … just so I could get the same vantage point.

I don’t know if it’s awesome or sad that I have photos of how this particular wall has changed over the past year and a half. Part of the service I provide, here on the blog.

I wonder what this wall will look like in a year’s time. I’d contact Metra and ask them that very question, if only there was some easy way to get ahold of them.

Old Technology at the 56th Street Metra Station
Mysterious Metra Marks
Outside, Inside
It Is Most Definitely Party Time

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