New Curb, No Driveway

There was a lot of changes on our street, when I got home after work. I’d heard that they would be doing some restoration work (replacing the curbs and repairing all the concrete along the street)… but I wasn’t quite prepared to see the state of the street.

A big trench and frame was put up, going down the full length of our block. Barricades were also set up, making parking along this side pretty much impossible.

Another fun discovery: all the driveway aprons were busted up, making everyone’s driveway inaccessible. I think a few neighbors happened to be home during this work and got their cars out in time. Luckily for us, our car was parked somewher else – otherwise we would have been stuck.

No Parking, Seriously
Early Morning Roadwork
Roadwork Begins

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