A Day of Driving

Liz has been pretty sick the last two weeks, recovering from the flu and a few other issues. She just got back to work on Wednesday, and today we had a vet appointment for Phineas. Usually, she’s the one who takes the day to shuttle the bunnies out to our vet (Chicago Exotics), which is way out in Skokie.

But given her out of office time lately, she couldn’t take another day to do this. So I took a day off.

With our rabbits staying with staying with Liz Rench, I had to drive out to her place to pick them up. And from there, head out to Skokie.

When I showed up, the bunnies were very interested to see me.

Phineas, ever-curious.

I wasn’t able to stay long to chat with Liz, as I had a solid hour’s drive to get up to Skokie. Driving local for a large part of the way, I ended up making it just under the wire.

Phineas, in the carrier, not all too happy with me. He’s had issues related to an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs. He’s on some medication, but it’s proving to be less effective than we hoped. So we’re putting him on something else (Enacard) in the hopes that will help reduce things down.

Dropping Phineas back off at Liz’s place, Daisy wanted nothing to do with me. As much as I tried to tempt her out for some pets, she remained wary. She’s a smart bunny, and after seeing Phineas get whisked away… likely wanted nothing to do with me.

Fun addendum: I left my car outside with the blinkers on. But when I got back, my car wouldn’t start. I ended up needing to get a jump from a nearby neighbor, and got the car home. The battery seems like it’s been a little hit or miss, and this was a sure sign we needed to get it replaced. Luckily for us, we already have a service appointment set up for Monday.

I was hoping to get home around 5PM or so, but ended up getting back closer to 7. A lot of driving around today, with a little extra time for a troublesome car battery.

An Extended Vacation for Daisy and Phineas

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