Weekend in Valpo, Part 1

Liz and I got talking earlier in the week, and we came to a decision about the weekend. We’ve been working pretty nonstop on the house – and with Bob, it’s just been house house house all the time. Our only context has been working on the house, lately.

So we decided to call it an early Saturday, and asked to spend the night in Valparaiso. Our goal would be to just hang out a bit more socially, outside of the housework. And just do something that didn’t involve tools or demo of any kind.

Liz had a hair appointment in the morning, and I used the time to give the lawn one last mow before the year ended. I had gotten the car started in the morning for her, but she said she barely got it started after her appointment.

Since we were going to get the car serviced on Monday anyways, we just dropped it off a few days early. Bob was over to drop off some things, and so he hung around to give us a lift back to Valparaiso.

On arriving we had some drinks, Julie got her belated Mother’s Day gifts, and we mostly visited.

For dinner, we drove out to a place in Portage called Wagner’s. It seemed kind of tucked away and somewhat difficult to find, but boy did we get there just in time. We arrived around 4:30 PM and after about 15 minutes, the waiting lobby was getting pretty full. This was a popular place.

All of us got tempted by one of the evening’s specials: half slab of ribs and brisket. I’m not a big ribs person, but this was really quite exceptional.

Digging in. Really glad we got here when we did, as the place really got busy soon after we arrived.

Back home after dinner, we settled into the living room and ended up watching some TV. We landed on Hot Fuzz and an old episode of The IT Crowd, before bed.

With just a little bit of house work in the morning, this actually felt like a Saturday!

A Day in Valparaiso (That Also Included Chickens)

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