Weekend in Valpo, Part 2

Sunday was a very lazy day. I woke up pretty early, and walked out to find Bob already awake in the living room on his iPad. I made some coffee, joined up, and we got to talking a bit about politics and social media.

Later in the morning, after breakfast, Julie and Liz went out shopping. I stayed with Bob in the living room, and we ended up watching Lincoln – a movie I hadn’t seen before. It was long, but quite good – and did a good job laying out some of the complexities, I thought.

By the time Julie and Liz got back home, Bob and I were still in the same place – finishing up the last few minutes of the movie. I felt somewhat proud of the fact that we hadn’t moved at all, that whole time.

Since we didn’t have our car, we decided to take the South Shore Line back to Chicago.

It’s funny because in Hyde Park, we once made the mistake of trying to board a South Shore train as it was entering the city. As a commuter rail, at that point in its route the train doesn’t take on passengers and simply lets people off. More than once, when someone tries to board a South Shore Train in Hyde Park, one of the conductors will yell out “This is not your train!” And the train waits until that person steps off, before proceeding.

Liz and I made that mistake once, and it seems like a rite of passage for anyone new to Hyde Park. We made a joke that, today, finally, this was going to be our train for once.

A cold, rainy wait for the train. Which ended up being 20 minutes delayed.

The ride back was… less than ideal. The woman who was playing loud videos on her phone with the volume high ended up sitting right next to us. And did the same thing on the train. I’m not even sure what she was watching – possibly some YouTube video of a person complaining and throwing a lot of f-bombs.

It was so bad, we decided to move to another part of the car just to get away. Unfortunately, the only other spot available for us was in front of a woman talking on the phone. Thankfully she stopped after about 20 minutes, but it was loud. And for whatever reason, nearly everyone else near us reeked, reeked of skunk weed.

My first South Shore experience was not pleasant. It felt like all the smells and rudeness of the CTA, with about half the comfort of a Metra train. It’s a convenient thing to be able to hop this back to the city, but probably not my first choice.

Waiting on a Train

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