Insulating the Stairway Walls, Continued

Got another good house night in today, after work. With some serious cold temps coming soon, I wanted to get more insulation on the walls by the stairs (every little bit helps). The main challenge here is that a scaffold is required, to be able to reach the high angle of the ceiling, near the base of the stairs.

The top pieces were a bit tricky, but I eventually got into an ok rhythm. I had to cut the lengths to fit, and also cut out a small notch on the top right… but they were mostly the same for every angled piece.

I stretched and balanced a bit, across two ladders. And I’m sure OSHA would have had some stern words for me, had they seen what I was doing. But things worked out ok.

My main goal was to get the pieces on the far right installed, as they required the scaffold. But once I got going, I decided to keep going… and got a good number of the vertical pieces in as well.

A lot of cuts, and a lot of staples. Every little bit.

Insulating the Stairway Walls
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