Street Concrete Work

A lot has been happening on our street, in terms of road work. After seeing the supports go up for a new curb, they poured the concrete a few days ago – all in one day.

Went all the way down the block!

On Friday, I ran into a really great guy named Dan S, and we chatted at length. I found out he was overseeing a lot of the restoration work, and we discussed the challenges of this type of work – lots of different parties, lots of different priorities and motivations.

He seemed very sympathetic to the inconveniences suffered by the residents, and gave me his contact info (along with several cards to distribute to other neighbors). When I mentioned I Was going to have some drywall delivered to the house… he ended up filling our driveway with dirt so we could walk across. And then later, he put down some boards so that we could walk across a bit easier.

Yesterday, right as Bob was here with a truck full of drywall… wouldn’t you know it, the crew was just starting to pour the cement for our driveway apron. We had scheduled some help with Dolly, and had two helpers scheduled for the morning.

After a quick call to Dan (who then called someone named Mark on site), they worked with Bob to enable the drywall to get moved in. Yesterday was a really busy day at the house, with lots of folks going on different directions.

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New Curb, No Driveway
Water Rushing Out and Back In
Early Morning Roadwork

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