Team Outing at Ragnarok Axe Throwing

At work, there’s been talk of a team outing for some time now. And today, we finally arranged for a big team event (which included getting several remote folks in from Minneapolis and Detroit). Our venue for the outing: Ragnarok Axe Throwing, in Chicago.

Surprisingly, the venue is located in the Fine Arts Building, downtown. Which seemed like an odd fit. But hey – we got to ride the famous hand-driven elevators on our way up.

Guess we found the right place.

While not the exact type of axe we would be using, these were still pretty cool looking.

The venue itself was quite small – smaller than I though. For some reason, I imagined a much larger space, similar to the ping-pong themed bar we went to, a few weeks back.

I expected a bar, and multiple lanes… but I guess that would assume a bigger (and more constant demand for axe throwing). As it was, we had the place to ourselves, which worked out nicely.

The place did have a good sense of humor.

We started off with some practice throws, and the guy coaching us taught to throw using both hands. Maybe this was to improve stability and accuracy, but we all threw with both hands the entire time we were here.

After some practice, we split up into teams. We did a few variations, competing on score, playing tic-tac-toe with numbers, and eventually doing some elimination games.

While folks started off a little slow, by the time we got done… there were a good number of bullseyes! Per the house rules, we stopped and got a photo everytime someone got a bullseye.

L to R it’s Dave, Zohair, and Sina. Zohair was an early star, and accrued three bullseyes really early on. That sounds impressive, but would later prove to be on the lower side.

L to R it’s Steven, Dave, and Joe. It was Joe who helped organize the outing, and he was the one who ended up being quite the machine. Joe started off rocky, not landing many throws. But by the end of the night, he was super consistent. I know he got at least 6 bullseyes, and maybe more? Once he got his groove, he was spot-on.

Group photo. The dressing up reminded me a lot of the escape room Liz and I tried out in DV, a few years ago.

Funny enough – the same company that runs the Axe throwing also runs a few other “game” type rooms, one of which was a zombie escape room. If it’s the one I’ve heard about, it involves a live actor (dressed like a zombie) who is attached to a chain. Over the course of the hour, the length of the chain increases and the zombie’s range grows. If you get touched by the zombie, you’re out.

Post axe throwing, we got some pizza and beer at Gino’s East. Got into some fun conversations about tech, traveling, and favorite cities we’ve visited.

A really fun outing, and it was nice to spend time with coworkers outside the context of the office. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday.

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