Star Trek Voyager: Some Kind Of

I happened across this crazy video while browsing MetaFilter, and it absolutely made my day. First off, its source material comes from Star Trek: Voyager. Secondly, the sheer fact of its existence is a testament to a kind of obsessive realization of an idea: every (or what I assume is damn near every) instance of the phrase “some kind of.”

It’s funny at first. And after a while, it gets a little unbearable to watch. But push through to the end, as I think the whole experience is rather amazing.

I’m reminded a lot of the work by Matthijs Vlot (see this post for examples).

And, interestingly, I feel a bit proud that I also created a similar video – tracking down and threading in (nearly) every instance of the phrase “I want” from Star Trek: The Original Series for a 20×2 Chicago event.

Mine wasn’t set to music, though. Next time.

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