Moving Lights, Cleanup

Believe it or not, I’m still not quite over my sickness. It’s been days, and I usually get better after a cold in a day or so. But this thing has lingered around (and I ended up working from home for the remainder of last week).

Today, I felt better – but I could still tell I was a bit off. That said, I did some small bit of work around the house. While Bob was working on setting up a furnace on our second floor, I did a bit of light demo, cleaned up a lot of trash around the house, and relocated the lights from the bedroom to the hallway.

Surprisingly, the moving of the lights is rather exciting – we’re doing this to make way for the drywall we plan to add to the ceiling, in the master bedroom. Looking forward to that work in the coming days.

String Lights, Twice
Even More Lights in the Basement

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