An Obsession: Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, Stan’s Donuts

A while ago, I was at Northwestern for a routine medical appointment. My doctor had moved offices, and I walked into the ground floor to see a sparkling Stan’s Donuts there by the entrance.

I laughed at the notion that this sugar emporium was situated at the entrance to a building whose sole purpose was to make people healthier. But after my appointment, I wandered in and decided I deserved a little treat. And as I was eating my tasty breakfast, I realized how perfectly symbiotic the hospital/donut relationship was.

At the time (and this was a few weeks ago), I got myself a Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. And, I’m not kidding you, for at least a week plus after that experience… I couldn’t stop thinking about this danish. Like, daily.

This weekend, I had cause to go back – and getting it again was a lovely treat. I really can’t think of another pastry that I’ve thought about this much (with maybe the exception of macarons).

The kicker of it all is – based on that first visit to Northwestern, my doc was telling me I needed to cut down on the sugar. Seeing as how they’re the ones who installed a donut shop in the building, I don’t feel like that’s entirely fair.

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