Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

Liz and I left the city on Wednesday, and headed out to Valparaiso to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Julie and Bob. Today, we mostly just bummed around the house before the festivities (and Katie/Tim’s family came over).

A Liz, in her natural, knitting habitat.

The start of the table decorations.

We had some drink options…

When Katie and Tim arrived, there was mention of a “tractor ride” for Gavin and Emmy. Here, Bob is getting everyone prepped. Apparently, Emmy had some different expectations about who would be driving the tractor.

Bob, about to start the ride. Savannah also went along for a few trips around the house.

I love this photo, partly because of the “tractor ride” itself… and partly because I’d taken this very ride more times than I can count (when circling the property in Bob’s truck, moving items from the garage to the basement).

Table is prepped.

As is the kids’ table.

Group photo, as everyone is loading up their plates. In addition to spending more time directly with Gavin and Emmy, we also got to meet Cameron’s girlfriend Leah.

So much good food.

My plate. And you better believe I went back for seconds.

L to R it’s Savannah, Emmy, and Gavin.

Full table, full plates.

After dinner, some folks watched movies in the living room and a few of us decided to play “Ticket to Ride.” Liz and I got this game recently, and had only played it once before (during our family vacation to South Haven, MI).

Having gone through the rules once before, we were able to get the game going with a lot less confusion this time around.

Katie and Tim, strategizing.

Ultimately, Leah and Cameron won. Though it should be noted that Leah and Cameron got the “longest route” bonus – and that’s what took them over the top. If someone else had gotten those points, Julie would have won.

The game was very fun and very eventful (we had a water spill moment that caused a lot of trains to be displaced). But luckily, my blog documentation habits resulted in our being able to refer to some photos and set things back up prior to the accident.

It was a very lazy, relaxing afternoon/evening in Valparaiso, with lots of family. I got to spend some time with Gavin and Emmy, watching Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” – and got to answer the question “Why?” more times than I can count.

Also getting to meet Leah was great, and I really enjoyed being able to hang out and play games with everyone. Incredibly thankful to have all these lovely people in my life – and doubly thankful for Liz, without whom none of this would have been possible. How lucky am I?

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