Installing Drywall on the Master Bedroom Ceiling

This morning, everyone was up early in Valparaiso. Julie and Liz were up, prepping for a day of shopping and visiting with Katie. Bob and I were up and ready to head back to Hyde Park for work on the house.

Bob and I left around 8:30 AM, and headed to Medici’s for breakfast. After that, we were back at the house and getting to work in the master bedroom.

We got a few more boards set up, filling in the remaining gaps in the ceiling. After that, we started in with the 10 foot drywall.

Old plaster on the left, new drywall on the right.

This was a significant moment: up until now, the main way we had of accessing the attic was through this hole in the ceiling. The attic, in and of itself, was a huge project. And I remember the day, so long ago, when Liz and Julie first cleaned things out up there.

And today, Bob and I were covering over that access with drywall. Craziness.

Getting the last (custom-cut) 10 foot piece in place.

The ceiling! There’s a small patch in the NW corner that needs some added work, but beyond that… the bedroom ceiling is done!

It’s hard to fathom that this is actually done. And up next, we get to install the soundproof drywall all along the walls. We’re racing a December deadline, and that’s something that’s in my head… but I don’t think the full impact of today has really sunk in.

We’ve been workign on the house for a long time now, and much of that work has been reductive in nature: busting up concrete, demo-ing walls, taking out bad stuff. The work we are just starting to do now is more on the additive side: insulation, plywood/substrate, drywall. Slowly, we are starting to build and add to the house. It’s really exciting stuff.

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