I’m in There, Somewhere

The Starbucks that used to reside at the ground floor of the building where I work… closed up shop last week. So now my morning routine of stopping in to grab my coffee is totally out of sync, and I’m resorting to stopping at a Starbucks located inside Block 37.

I’ve gotten used to ordering coffee via the Starbucks app, mostly because they treat online orders like first class citizens. For the most part, my online orders are waiting for me when I arrive.

Prior to last week, I’d order my coffee as I was walking from the Metra train… and it’d be there on the counter, as I walked by, grabbed it, and went to the elevator. But this new Starbucks that I’m going to doesn’t take mobile orders (which I find weird).

So instead of using my phone, I have to order in person like a shnook. But what this means is that instead of printing my name out on a sticker, someone has to write it down by hand.

Oh Starbucks, you do not disappoint. I think that’s me, somewhere in there. When the person brought this out, they didn’t even try to guess the name – they just held it up, and said “Food?”

That’s me!

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