Installing Drywall in the Master Bedroom

Saturday morning, we got a new washer/dryer delivered! Liz and I got a decent deal when we were out last weekend, and got these delivered.

There’s still a bit more that needs to be done before these can be hooked up. But we snagged these units because Abt was running low on their supply, and we wanted to get the before they ran out.

For now though, our main focus is still on getting the bedroom ready upstairs.

Wow – and I just now went back and found the day when we poured this housekeeping pad back here. Wow.

Earlier in the week, Bob was over and put up a lot of drywall by himself. I’m still awed by this, as each sheet of drywall is pretty heavy (about 75 pounds per sheet).

What we’re putting up here is not your typical drywall – it’s soundproof stuff, and is more like two sheets bound together.

Bob and I got into something of a routine – putting each board on the horses, plotting out the cuts, and then me running the shopvac while he used a saw.

The smaller pieces took considerably longer. And when we got to the larger pieces… we had to dry fit things several times, despite what felt like good measurements.

Much later, we realized that the ceiling was likely the culprit – curving a bit, and throwing our measurements off. Each piece took a bit of refinement to get in place.

We worked late, but got through the North wall. Bob did the brunt of the work, doing most of the measurements and cuts. But I was still glad to be around, helping to navigate these large and heavy pieces.

Bob says he’s able to navigate the boards on his own, and I don’t doubt that. But knowing he’ll be working solo next week makes me wish I could stay home and assist, even if it just means another pair of hands helping to lessen the weight.

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