Kohler Weekend 2018, Day 1

Friday, Liz and I hitched a ride with Bob and Julie, and headed up to Kohler to meet with Katie and Tim.

Kohler is a favorite vacation spot for Julie/Bob, and the last time Liz and I accompanied them was nearly seven years ago (back in 2011).

This time, there were six of us… and we decided to meet up at a winery, before going to the hotel.

We all got a tasting of several wines, and ended up buying a few bottles. After a long drive, it was nice to unwind here with a few drinks.

Looking at the website, looks like there was a lot more to explore. Definitely seems like we need to stop here again, the next time we come back.

Our room, which I’m pretty sure was the same one we got back in 2011.

The luxuriousness of a King size bed.

A big draw: the fancy shower.

Dual sinks.

The shower had three body sprays, near the main controls.

Up top, there were two spray heads above the controls… and four rain heads above the whole shower itself.

I should note this for others (and for my future refence): the knobs work in a particular sequence.

The bottom knob controls the power of the water, and also the temperature (cold to hot, and the more you turn to the right the hotter/stronger the water gets).

The top knob controls the flow of water. As you turn the knob to the right, it kicks off this sequence:

– body sprays only
– body sprays plus dual top sprays
– dual top sprays only
– dual top sprays plus overhead sprays
– overhead sprays only
– overhead sprays plus body sprays

I let the water heat up, and then jumped in. But what I failed to do was this super important step: cycle through the spray heads after the water has warmed up.

If you don’t do this and you climb in and then adjust the sprays, you’ll get hit with the water that’s gone cold, sitting in the pipes since the last time the shower ran. There’s no real way to avoid this, and the cold (trust me) is pretty shocking.

So if you’re going to use one of these fancy showers, heat up the water first – and also make sure to run through the sequence. Otherwise, expect a lot of screaming.

A public bathroom at the hotel. The disturbing thing to me was that on entering, the lights automatically kicked on… and the toilet seat automatically opened up.

Out of context, it could have been the start of a horror movie.

Also, this is pretty much what my weekend consistened of: taking photos of different toilets.

Intelligent toilet specs.

And, inexplicably, a remote control.

For dinner, we took a shuttle bus over to the nearby American Club.

Our dinner was at the Horse and Plow.

It’s really uncanny how similar the pictures are that I took tonight, compared to what I took from 2011.

Sadly, the Green House was closed. But we decided to try to come back tomorrow afternoon.

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