Kohler Weekend 2018, Day 2

After a late breakfast, all of us wandered over to the Kohler showroom to check out the various new things on display.

Some display areas were different from our last visit, and some remained the same.

A nice sink that Liz and I both liked (but this was featured in an “International” area, and the model is not available in the US). Because of course it isn’t.

More intelligent toilets. Couldn’t help but think of Bob’s Burgers.

I also couldn’t help but think that intelligent toilets would start to get a bit invasive. Saying things like “Woah, woah. Someone needs to cut down on the red meat” or “Whatever you’re doing now is not right, you need to see a doctor.”

The English major in me was laughing, when I realized someone in marketing decided they couldn’t use the phrase “bleeding” edge.

Across the way, we spotted some not-so-wild turkeys just kind of hanging out. Relieved, no doubt, from the pressures of avoiding yet another Thanksgiving.

Nice to see the wall of toilets has remained unchanged.

Liz, trying out a stand-up tub.

On seeing this sign, we realized that trying out the tubs was actually an ok thing to do.

Liz, going for a test drive.

Imagining an alternative cover of “Atlas Shrugged.”

This thing is just mesmerizing.

The structure itself is really neat. But it’s the inclusion of human figures that makes this feel a little unsettling.

Shower display.

In the men’s bathroom on the basement level. I remembered I had taken some photos of this the last time I was here in 2011… and I was curious what had changed. So I took another set of photos.

And once more, felt like a weird, creepy perv taking photos in a public bathroom.

Same tub, still pretty cool looking.

I’ve amended my take on this room: it feels like the bathroom one would design if you discovered Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and cocaine simultaneously, for the first time.

On trying to get into the Green House, we found that it was closed for a private event. This was a total bummer, and led us to all go our separate ways. Julie and Bob headed back to their hotel room to relax, Katie and Tim headed out to a brewery, and Liz and I stayed for some appetizers/snacks at the Horse and Plow.

Liz and I ended up relaxing in our room for a while, prior to dinner. Funny enough, we found some old episodes of Star Trek on cable, and she knit while I took a nap.

Around 7PM, we headed over to Cucina for dinner.

Partly this was our group dinner together, but it was also partly a belated birthday celebraiton for Bob.

L to R it’s Tim, Katie, Liz, Julie, and Bob.

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