Kohler Weekend 2018, Day 3

We all had brunch reservations at 11:30, but decided to try to meet up around 10:30 for a bit of time in the Green House.

On arriving, we were the only ones there – and so we settled in for just a bit of coffee, before our meal.

This is a really great spot, and some place I would love to come back to with a book. I’d like to sit here again for an hour or two, sipping on coffee and just relaxing for a bit.

I’m bummed we couldn’t come here yesterday, but glad we got a little time in today (before we left).

On our way to brunch.

The traditional Sunday brunch, before checking out for the weekend.

After breakfast, we checkd out of the hotel… and wandered around some of the shops nearby. I took a small path behind the shops (which bordered the small lake), and got to see the water close up.

There are actually a few public spots that are hidden, and seem like they would make for nice dining/gathering spots in warmer weather.

Spotted this cracked, frozen pumpkin half-submerged in the lake. A sign that, truly, Thanksgiving is officially over.

After a bit of shopping time, we all parted ways and headed back to the city. It feels nice to be able to join Julie and Bob again, at their favorite winter vacation spot – and I’m glad Katie and Tim also got to join us this year.

With the holidays coming up, and a lot of travel in our near future…it felt nice to take time out for a slow, relaxing weekend. A lot of good food, and a lot of hanging out.

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