The Safecracker of Last Resort

Meet the Safecracker of Last Resort is a fascinating profile of Charlie Santore, a safecracker based in Los Angeles.

Outside of the technical aspects of the work, it’s interesting to hear how Santore views safes, and the act of keeping certain things hidden. This passage in particular I found really intriguing:

In a recurring dream, Santore returns home to see that somebody has broken into his safe. What’s worse, Santore continued, is that in the dream he cannot remember what was stored in the safe in the first place. Its door yawns open to reveal a painful emptiness, but he doesn’t know what was stolen. How can you get something back, he said, if you don’t even know you’ve lost it?

I always fantasized about learning how to pick locks, when I was a kid. I guess the next level up is safecracking, which still seems like a really cool thing to know how to do.

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