Helmet Cam Video: Downhill Challenge Medellín

Happened across this fun video of Rémy Métallier, riding in the Medellín Challenge in Colombia. It’s been several years since I’ve seen my first urban downhill race, and these types of videos are still breathtaking.

What strikes me most is just how fast Métallier is riding. Compared to what I recall of the original, this seems like breakneck speed. I’m not sure if the camera’s gotten better, or the riders have gotten better, or maybe both.

Also? The course for this race seems to involve a lot more heights (and questionable ledges without much in terms of railings). I wonder how many test runs each rider gets, before the actual event. Because there are several points where if I were unfamiliar with the course, I’d be one bad decision away from plummeting off the side.

[via MetaFilter]

Valparaiso Cerro Abajo: Insane Urban Downhill Race (Helmet Cam)

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