Lonely Doors

I’ve been going in to work a bit early, the last few days. This morning I happened to look over as I walked by the loading area for Treasure Island (which closed down a while ago).

For some reason, the doors caught my eye – and I felt drawn to take a photo.

In the past, there would usually be a truck or two here, with workers taking things in/out. But it’s been very quiet lately, and I realized I had never really looked over here before.

While Treasure Island wasn’t the greatest (prices were always quite steep), it was a convenient stop on the way home. While there are a few other places to buy groceries nearby, a real grocery run of substance will require us to get in the car and drive a solid 15 minutes away.

I’m hopeful another store will show up here. But with the absence of trucks in this area, I got to wander around a little bit and look around this AM.

Sudden Showers Inside Treasure Island Supermarket
Waiting for Technology

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