Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 2

Around the tree in the sitting room, Kirt had set up an old model train track. The train cars themselves were all pretty substantive, and suggested to me this was an old set.

To get power to the trains, you had to hook up an old transformer straight to the tracks.

Later on in the afternoon, I hung out a bit while Jackson was playing Fortnite in the basement. I knew the game was a big hit, but I didn’t quite understand just how popular it was.

I’ve played a bit myself, but I’m nowhere near as good/fast as some of these kids nowadays. I’m losing my edge.

I had logged into my account onto a laptop, but it was pretty laggy. So I gave up trying to play with Jackson and his friends. Instead, Isabelle jumped onto my account and was exploring around in creative mode.

Liz, getting in some quality time with Sandy (who looks a little snobbish in this photo, almost like she’s annoyed by the fact that she order a vodka gimlet 5 minutes ago and it’s still not here yet).

Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1
Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1
Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1 (2016)

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