Early Christmas in Detroit, Celebrating my Dad’s 80th Birthday in Indianapolis

Early Christmas! Jackson, starting things off.

Isabelle, opening up a gift.

Kirt, opening his gift and glancing over at the ladies.

Anne, opening her gift as Jackson and Liz look on.

Liz and I got a few joint gifts, and went back and forth opening things.

One particularly awesome gift we got was this replica of an old ViewMaster.

Complete with is own custom images! In the cener was one of our wedding photos.

And the other images were from previous holiday visits. Very cool!

Isabelle, checking things out.

Liz, taking a look.

Jackson, opening up a custom Fornite Loot Llama that Liz made for him. I think he liked it.

After spending the morning opening up gifts, we packed up and hit the road around 1PM. Our next stop: Indianapolis, and an early birthday dinner for my dad (who’s turning 80).

Every time we visit my sister’s house, Jasmine graciously gives up her room for us. In the window, we found this little countdown/reminder about just how close we were to the actual day.

Going out for a big meal like this is not something we normally do. But then again, an 80th birthday isn’t something that happens all that often, either.

Stacey and I were talking about trying to arrange something bigger, involving more family… but the timing didn’t work out. And my dad, ultimately, didn’t want any kind of large/official gathering.

His preference was for us to come back and just have our regular Christmas schedule (with us going to church on the 24th and opening gifts on the 25th). So we opted to do a smaller, celebratory meal together on the 23rd.

Dad got a custom dessert for his birthday. And since Jasmine’s birthday is so close, we also asked for one for her as well.

The last time I remember these two celebrating a birthday together… things got a little messier.

Group photo, post-meal. And pre-nap.


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