Christmas Day in Indianapolis (2018)

Christmas Day! The kids, waiting patiently for the adults to sit down with their coffee.

Stacey and Shane, who had been up since around 8.

One of Stacey’s gifts, from Shane and the kids. I love the note of “our great wrapping job” on the side.

Jahnu, who is also into Fornite, also got a Loot Llama. I think it’s now serving as a kind of “good luck” charm.

Dad and mom, opening a gift.

Liz had found a set of bathrobes for them (and also tucked some chocolate into the pockets). They look quite comfortable.

We hung out a bit longer than usual, but ended up hitting the road around 3PM or so. We took a slightly different route North, as we were headed to Valparaiso instead of Chicago.

It was more of a back way, and a single lane most of the way (with the occasional small town here and there). Definitely more of a scenic roue, though surprisingly the same amoutn of time as just going via 65.

I wanted to capture this moment of us unloading the car. So many bags and things, stopping on our third house during our holiday travels.

Inside, we arrived early (Julie and Bob return tomorrow). And so we set up by the fireplace for a bit. Someone may have, *cough*, forgotten to open the flue.

Settling down with some wine, and exchanging gifts.

Of course, Liz’s gifts included bunnies and Star Trek.

I got a good mix of things – notably, a DVD of Carol Burnett shows. And a framed print of the slide we discovered in the first floor closet, back when we were doing demo.

Liz took the slide to a nearby photo place, and it took them three weeks to get a specialist to create a print for us.

She actually got two different prints made, and sent one of them to the son of the couple who had previously lived at our house.

I love the symmetry of this gift. A long while ago, the husband created this slide for his wife. And many years later, my wife created a print of that slide for me. I’d like to think that we are furthering a tradition here, and will continue to fill that little house with love.

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