A Lazy, Star Trek Kind of Day

With the house to ourselves in Valparaiso (Julie and Bob arrive later tonight), Liz and I spent the day lazing around.

One of the gifts I got her for Christmas was a collection of all the classic Star Trek movies (which also included TNG as well). Despite being a huge fan of Star Trek, she hadn’t seen any of the movies.

So we threw the first one in. And it was… rough.

While I enjoyed the struggle that “Admiral” Kirk had in taking the helm of the Enterprise after many years away, the story itself seemed to just plod along.

A lot of the sequences seemed overly prolonged, as though the script was really just 45 minutes long and so they had to employ several long tracking shots just to stretch the story out to the actual length of a movie.

I don’t recall much of the original Star Trek movie, prior to watching it again. I vaguely remember small flashes of it from my childhood. But I recall the second and third movies more clearly. Not sure if those still hold up, or if they’re just as rough as the first.

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