Fourth Christmas in Valparaiso

After arriving back home late last night (circa 12:30 AM), Julie and Bob also spent most of the day with us just lazing around. In the mid-afternoon, we decided to open some wine and settled down in front of the fire to open up our Christmas presents.

Liz and I joked that this would be our fourth Christmas, since we had already celebrated in Detroit, then in Indianapolis, and then again with just the two of us.

And to think: we’ve got another one coming up when Katie and Tim come over.

Bob really likes Jack Daniels (and in particular likes Gentleman Jack). Here he is, trying to guess what this gift might possibly be.

We made a bit of a mess.

Prior to coming over to Valparaiso, we had the good notion to go and stock up on supplies Christmas Eve Day. The stores were crowded like you woudln’t believe, but everyone was civil.

By the time we arrived in Valparaiso, most places were closed – so it’s good that we had a few recipes ready to go.

Our meal was just pasta with sausage and roasted bell peppers. Not too difficult to make (beyond broiling the peppers and peeling off the skins).

Pasta and garlic bread for diner. Because we didn’t nap enough during the day.

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