New Year’s Eve Nostalgia

Liz and I opened a bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve, and mostly just hung out watching TV. We were flipping around the local TV stations when it got closer to midnight, but there was nothing good on… so we ended up switching over to YouTube at some point (I honestly can’t recall the last time we actively tried to watch TV or cable outside our Playstation).

After midnight, we clicked around to a few videos… and ended up talking about old music videos from our childhoods. Not having cable as a kid, Liz knew a lot of 80’s songs but never really saw the music videos themselves. I got fascinated by this, and we started down a long road of queueing up music videos from the 1980’s. Then, after a while, we switched over to watching videos from the 1990’s.

Long story short, we killed the bottle and stayed up until around 3:30 AM watching all manor of old gems. I guess we rang in the new year by looking back at years gone by.

Ringing in the New Year, From the Couch
Happy New Year (2018)
Hoppy New Year, 2017

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