Vacation Drywall, Part 3

Not sure if I’ve posted up a photo of what the sound board looks like (this is looking at the SW corner). I think I may have taken this photo a day or two ago.

Liz works on the house during the day, and cuts the sheets we plan to install together, after I get home.

Compared to how things were going when we first started, tonight’s work went blazingly fast. I think we got into a good routine for this process, as we know what steps need to happen, and what happens next.

After dry-fitting the pieces, Liz applies Green Glue to the drywall while I put some sealant along any seams (and any screw heads). Once that’s done, we position the drywall together, and get a few screws in for the board to remain in position. Then, as I’m throwing more screws in… Liz is off to the next piece.

Not a lot of photos from tonight, but the big thing that stood out was how much faster we got done tonight, compared to earlier.

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