The Bunnies Return!

The bunnies have been staying with Liz Rench for the last few months, as we wanted them to be elsewhere during a lot of the recent house work. Over the holidays, Liz and I talked and decided we wanted the bunnies to return home.

It’s not ideal or easy, having them at the house with all the work we have (and will have) going on. But it’s also not ideal or easy to have them away, either. So we decided to set up the first floor area a bit more for them, and that we’d relocate them as needed.

Liz, cutting up the rug we got yesterday.

Me installing a baby gate, to keep the bunnies out of the work area.

Looking in on the bunnies’ pen area.

Here’s where the bunnies will reside, protected by a bit of crooked plywood that I thought we agreed never to talk about again.

Phineas and Daisy, checking out their space.

They are a bit apprehensive.

Liz, happy to be reunited with her bunnies.

Daisy and Phineas, continuing to check things out.

Phineas just loves the camera, and the camera loves him back.

We’ve not yet seen a lot of running yet. There’s a little bit less space now than they used to have – but I think they’re still settling in. My hope is that there will be more running about here.

Closeup, during a double petting session. After so long away, they’re still getting used to us again and still getting used to the space. But it’s nice to see that some things never change.

Prepping the New Bunny Area
The Bunny Rabbits Are Back!

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