A Perfect Fit

Spotted this while on my way in to work. I was actually standing in the vestibule, waiting to pull into Millennium Station, when I spotted this Dunkin’ Donuts cup sitting perfectly in the door.

I was in awe at how well it fit, and decided I needed to take a photo. But there were others nearby, and even more folks starting to line up on the other side of the door. So I waited until the train was completely empty. Just to take this photo.

It’s hard to see, but in the bottom right… there’s the shoe of the train conductor, who was watching me linger and take this photograph. I exclaimed to him “It’s perfect – it’s awesome how well it ftis there!” as I walked out, partly to explain why I was lingering around. But partly as a kind of congratulatory thing, as I assumed he was the one who placed that there.

The conductor seemed completely nonplussed, and that’s when I wondered if someone else had left their trash in that spot. I walked away feeling like a crazy person.

Still a pretty cool thing to see, though.

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