Drywall, Continued

Though we are both back at work again, Liz and I continue to try to do some house work for a few hours, when we get home.

Actually, today I worked from home. I had a cough yesterday that just didn’t go away (it felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat). Today, things got worse as the day progressed… to the point where I was feeling pretty feverish by 5PM.

But Liz had made some cuts the night before, and installing these pieces was going to be quick work. So we suited up to knock a few more pieces out (we really are getting much faster at this).

This is old, but still captures some of what we did last week while Liz was on vacation.

The newer, more recent work.

After we got these up, I was pretty done. I can’t believe how much Bob worked over here, while he was sick. It was challenging for me, and we were only dealing with 1/4″ (and I had a second person). He was here for several days on his own, dealing with sheets that were 75 pounds apiece!

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