A Lingering Cough

I got sick a few days ago, and this thing has stayed around. Usually, I’m only sick for a brief while… but whatever I have has settled into a cough tha just doesn’t want to go away.

On Tuesday, I started to cough a bit – just felt like something caught in the back of my throat that I couldn’t get rid of. On Wednesday, I decided to work from home. As the day progressed, I got worse and worse… and ended up going to bed early (with symptoms of a kind of fever: super hot, body ache).

On Thursday, I decided to work from home again. I felt markedly better than the night before, but still had a problematic cough. Most nights, I’ve been taking Nyquil to help prevent my cough from keeping me (and Liz) awake, but it’s impacted our collective sleep quality.

At this point in time, there’s no fever or anything else – just a cough that won’t go away. I’m wondering if most offices have been hit by the same thing or not. What’s odd is that I had a flu shot this year (first time in a while), and it seems that I’ve gotten more sick than other years.

[photo via Kelly Sikkema]

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