Suddenly, Stomach Ache

Right as I was leaving work today, my stomach felt a little off. It was slightly uncomfortable, and gradually grew in uncomfortableness as I was on the train headed home.

I made a beeline for the bathroom when I got home, but nothing helped. I ended up immediately crawling into bed, and kind of fell asleep for a little bit – a bit in and out, until around 8PM or so.

It wasn’t nausea (but started to get close), and I didn’t feel like I needed to throw up. And it wasn’t stabbing pains either. It just felt… uncomfortable. And maybe a step or two below what could be termed “pain.”

By the time Liz and I were ready to eat, my appetite started to come back and the feeling had subsided a little. I had a fairly sizable dinner (seconds), drank lots of water… and it was pretty much like nothing happened.

The speed and severity of… whatever this was, was pretty impressive. I am still trying to shake off the cough and congestion from last week, and tonight just added insult to injury. This was another one of those “I think my body is breaking down” moments.

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