The Last of the Bedroom Drywall

Though we’ve had a three day weekend, it’s been pretty busy at our place. Today, after a nice breakfast, Liz and I suited up to finish the remaining drywall work in the master bedroom.

We had a larger piece to fit in, which wasn’t too bad. And after that, we worked on getting all the smaller lengths at the top of each board.

This (above) is the very last piece we had to put in!

Liz, measuring out the angles.

Applying the green glue. Hopefully, this is going to be one very quiet room!

Pre-cleaning view of the room.

After all our pieces were installed, we gave ourselves 30 minutes to pick up and clear the room a little.

Most of the materials, moved to one corner.

View of the door out to the hallway.

All the drywall’s up! We’re hoping to get someone to come over next weekend, to help us get the room taped and primed. Once that’s done, we can start moving our bedroom up here officially… and start on some more serious demo on the first floor.

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that we’re actually done done with the drywall up here. It really is starting to feel like a room…

The Wall Grows

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