Reading Poetry and Nonfiction at Tuesday Funk

Back in May of last year, I got to participate again at Tuesday Funk. This time, I changed things up a little bit and read a mixture: just a few poems this time, and an essay.

The nonfiction piece was an older one I wrote a long while ago, a short essay called Felix + Dzintra + Queensrÿche. It was written for an anthology, reflecting on love in the era of the mix tape, called Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves.

Not sure if I’d ever read this one out loud in public or not, so it seemed like a fun thing to break out.

On thinking back to this event, I’m feeling less and less like a writer with each passing year. I’m not sure if I will be doing any more readings, as I’m just trotting out old poems that have been collecting dust. I’m not writing anything new.

From here on out, if I want to participate in future readings… it feels like I should be more actively writing. Newer stuff. And that’s not something that’s happened in a long while. It always feels great to be on stage, behind a mic, reading. But if I’m being honest, the last few times I feel like I’m still trying to pretend I’m a writer, holding up examples of what I used to do to try to convince myself as well as the crowd.

Felix Jung: Reading Poems at Tuesday Funk
Reading Poems Again
Tuesday Funk

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  1. That post ended on a pretty low note. A few hours after writing this, I’m thinking more on things.

    I think I need to carve out some time, and actively try to start writing again.

    avoision Reply

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