An ABC Book and The Important Book, by Elizabeth Holder

Julie and Bob are cleaning up their basement in Valpo. Going through old items, they found a few more things from Liz and Bob dropped them off at our house the other day. It’s always a fun time going through old things, and I was excited to see what we got.

This online review looks very promising.

Not one, but two new books by Liz.

First up: “An ABC Book,” which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Interesting note that Liz took the time to specify a publisher here.

Apple looks good, strong opening to the book.

I realize that this is a child’s book, drawn by a child. But I think you and I both quietly recognize that the banana here… needs a little work. Maybe Liz was really excited to get on to the next page, for the “C” drawing.

Oh, there’s a picture of a rabbit? Really? I am shocked – shocked – to find that gambling is going on in here.

On to “The Important Book,” a work from later in the author’s career.

No publisher listed here.

Each entry also follows the same pattern as the ABC book, but goes into a bit more detail. Also, every entry focuses on an animal.

Jackrabbit entry.

Also one for rabbit. So technically rabbits got mentioned twice in here, because of course they did.

The end of the book was quite a surprise. I’m not sure what I was expecting for “X,” but reader… I am a 45 year old man, and I just had to look up Xenopus on Wikipedia because I’ve never heard of this thing in my life.

Everything else in the book was pretty standard: bear, camel, rabbit… and then Liz brings some crazy fire by busting out Xenopus. I really wasn’t expecting that.

As though to further accentuate that this is no normal child’s book, “Z” also caught me off guard. I figured we’d see the traditional zebra entry, but no… Liz keeps kicking it up a notch with Zebu.

Which I also just had to look up.

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